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We do not just come with years of experience; we’re rostered by elites that understand how to stay ahead of the curve and prepare families for both the unexpected and the expected.

Life Hack

Many financial experts will only look at the surface level, which is final expense benefits. We do not do that solely. Instead, we tailor your policy to work for you while you're also living. Creating the true definition of life insurance.

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Everyone has different life insurance requirements and financial needs. Call us to receive a customized business or individual assessment. You may even qualify for a return of premium if your term is outlived. 

DBX Life Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are contracted with the nation's top carriers. Even if you have an existing policy, we can save you money on your premium with the same coverage or increase your coverage at the same price. You may also have more than one policy if your current one is capped.

When speaking with your specialist to set up your policy, ask about our CBO and ROP programs. You can receive a term policy that gives you a higher death benefit value than a whole-life product without your monthly payment going to waste. Even if you do not qualify, we have other products that allow your monthly premium to work for you, such as an indexed universal life product.

Simple. We show you how to place your taxable income into a tax-deferred asset that accumulates interest and doubles on average every seven to ten years while also providing you with an equal-value death benefit. Unlike a 401k or an IRA, when you take a distribution, you simply loan yourself your own money and pay back your tax-deferred account with interest to yourself. This is a major tax advantage that many middle-class citizens do not know about.

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